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We're also going to be holding launch parties for the books, which will have giveaways and games, and the opportunity to interact with other authors in the genre - the release party for Can You Reach Us? has some great names popping by.

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The Outreach is Live - Book One is out now, Book Two is on Pre-order

It's great to be back writing in the Delphic Agency Universe.  Can you see me? Book One of the Outreach is out now on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited and I couldn't be happier with my new heroes.  Although some of my old heroes are making a comeback - look out for a particularly hot scene with Cash and Tay in Book One!

You can find The Outreach books by following the links below



Missing your fix of dark romance? Me too!

It seems I have got rather addicted to dwelling in dark minds, and the plot for this trilogy arrived in my head in one fell swoop.  If anything it is every more morally ambiguous than Handled and just as intense.

Check out the blurb and book yourself a pre-order, it's coming next month, from an unreliable narrator near you.



<![CDATA[Polished - Handled Book 3]]>Tue, 29 Dec 2020 11:14:35 GMThttp://romillyking.com/blog/polished-handled-book-3

Handled has been the most interesting series to write, not least because it involved being inside Gray’s head for a large part of the last few months.  It’s interesting in there, kinda shadowy and bleak, like a cathedral at night.

This was my first foray into writing dark romance. It won't be my last - I have a book coming out next summer that is so dark even I am horrified, and fair warning, no happy ever after in that one!

This is the end of Nathan and Gray’s road.  It took them a long way, from Washington to Utah to Crete and Turkey and then back the States.  I hope you enjoyed the journey.  I’m incredibly grateful to all my ARC readers and the wonderful reviewers and bloggers that keep being enthusiastic for new books and new stories even in the midst of a pandemic and the world crashing around us.

Meeting all the readers and reviewers this year has been amazing.  Highlight of my decade.

Here's a little peek at the start of the Polished, where Gray is making the most of getting his hands on Nathan again.

Chapter One


Nathan is fitter than he was. He still has the long muscles of a swimmer but I can see he works out more now.  I guess he has the time, and he needs to get rid of the energy.  

As a result he is more ripped, more defined, more delicious to play with. As he walks naked towards the bed I note his ass is fuller, rounder, the muscles smooth, and his body is pale from a Washington winter.  That will change soon, now I have him in the sunshine. 

He turns and looks questioningly at me. 

“Up against the headboard,” I say. 

He climbs onto the dark blue coverlet and his paleness glows against the night sky colour.  The window above the bed is covered with a thin curtain, dimming the striking afternoon sunlight, and the room is hot with the scent of warm flesh.  Already Nathan’s body has a thin sheen of sweat. 

That’s going to taste delicious. 

He arranges himself in the centre of the bed, his back against the antique wooden headboard. “Is this okay?” 

“No talking, please.” 

His breath hitches and his eyes never leave mine.  I see the uncertainty in them and it’s so pretty. 

​Gonna push you sweetheart, gonna help you find your headspace. 

<![CDATA[Cleansed is out - Polished is coming soon]]>Thu, 03 Dec 2020 21:42:50 GMThttp://romillyking.com/blog/cleansed-is-out-polished-is-coming-soon

Cleansed - Handled Book 2 - Now available

Sometimes you have to go back in order to go forward – Gray is going back to handle the man who saw him as an angel, and unleashed the demon in him.

I am a Handler; I deal with serial killers, legally, ruthlessly, and in the presence of my Witness, because justice must be seen to be done.

Handling is an intimate procedure. I only perform for an audience of one; for my Witness, with his hot eyes and his innocent heart, and the pure white soul that I dirtied up so beautifully.

Now someone else is watching, the man who refined the monster in me.  I can’t allow that to continue, particularly as he threatens the Witness who has caused the frozen lump in my chest that I laughingly refer to as a heart, to sporadically beat.

This isn’t about retribution; this is cleaning up the past so I have a chance at a future.

Cleansed is the second book in the Handled trilogy, it is a dark gay romance dealing with adult themes and contains graphic scenes that may upset some readers.  Please heed the trigger warnings inside. 

Polished - Handled Book 3 - Pre-order available now

How deadly do you have to be to kill a killer?

Handlers are hard to kill, and to be fair most of us like the challenge when people try, but now someone is killing off handlers in bloody and complex ways.

Not my problem.

Not anymore.

I got out, I got free, and I don’t want to go back.

But someone is offering a favour if I handle this, a valuable one, and it could make all the difference to how this story ends.

Handlers don’t expect a happy ever after; most of us don’t even know what one looks like.  I do, my happy ever after is blue eyed and frequently filthy and deliciously mouthy and he bends the way I want him to bend.  And I could have that. All I have to do is take on one more handling, and ensure we both survive it.

The odds are not with me this time though.

I really should have kept on killing, I'm out of practice.

Polished is the third book in the Handled trilogy, it is a dark gay romance dealing with adult themes and contains graphic scenes that may upset some readers.  Please heed the trigger warnings inside. 

<![CDATA[Audiobook Paid to Kneel]]>Sat, 28 Nov 2020 14:07:27 GMThttp://romillyking.com/blog/audiobook-paid-to-kneel

The audiobook of Paid to Kneel - Delphic Agency Book One is now out.

And it is awesome.

The voice of Gavin McAllister is just perfect – he nailed Richard, our stoic, inexperienced submissive
discovering his kink and Ash, the experienced dominant barely able to believe how perfect this man is for him. 

We had a lot of fun during the recording of this.  I learned loads purely by listening to someone other than me speak my words – once I got over the truly hideous embarrassment of it all! And Gavin, well he worked his bloody ass off on this.  There were times, at the end of certain scenes, when he was,
“Okay I need to go now, that was intense and I need to hydrate.”

It was summer, it was hot in the booth, it got very, very hot in the booth.

Even if you have read Paid to Kneel the audiobook adds a whole different dimension to it.  I was amazed and gratified and the completed work is more than I could have ever hoped for.

If you want to have a listen here are the Audible Links

Paid to Kneel Audiobook USA
Paid to Kneel Audiobook UK