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Paid to Pretend is on special offer this week - 0.99 in the UK and USA.  This is the last book in the Delphic Series and sets up The Outreach.  It's a steamy second chance romance between Michael Bond, founder of the Delphic Agency, and the young man he fell in love with fifteen years before and who is now his Head of Security, Christian Dell'Olio.

I'm rather fond of Christian, he's a man who knew what he wanted and stuck with it.  He tried to be a good man, and he can't understand why Michael is so unhappy with how he has lived his life.  If it was anyone else I think Christian would have punched them, but he really can't cope with Michael's disapproval, Michael just means too much.

Hope you enjoy it, it was a good one to write and Brio is in it, being snarky and snotty and earning himself a few reprimands, so that's a good thing.

<![CDATA[What the rest of this year looks like...]]>Sun, 04 Apr 2021 12:30:00 GMThttp://romillyking.com/blog/what-the-rest-of-this-year-looks-likeI think I'm scheduled through until the end of the year now.  Here's a look at the covers of what I know I will be releasing between now and early 2022.  Unless I get attacked by another rabid plot bunny - you gotta watch out for those suckers, and it is bunny season - In which case there may be more, others, variations on a theme.  

The conclusion of the Revenge Series - Book Two is imminent and Book Three is coming hot on its heels.  From Oregon to London and onto Bahrain this is going to be an interesting ride as we work out who, Leo or Gil, has the right world view.  

A secret collaboration - Khonsu will be coming in the summer, more news on that and what series it belongs to is just around the corner.  And it’s quite the team effort.  Oh, and it’s dark.  Like really dark.  Not 100% sure of the ending yet but I’m leaning towards a distinct lack of happy.  That said, I may throw a redemption curve in there, I am still an optimist after all.

All The Pretty Covers...

The Teams Series - Remember Indigo?  I’m sure you do.  Nathan’s little brother from the Handled Series. He demanded his own story, so he got it.  In this five book series we find out what happened to him, and what happened to the other Handlers, Witnesses and support staff when the system is finally shut down.  No government is going to leave assets like that lying around, they are going to put them to work.  Camouflage is the first in the series, Indigo's story is second, it’s called Blueprint.  Watch out for it in the fall.

With regular free bonus stories for my newsletter subscribers, audiobooks in production, and box sets being compiled, it looks like 2021 is gonna be even busier than the year we do not name was.
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When Gil kidnapped Leo it wasn’t about revenge.  When Gil’s serial killer father comes after them both it most certainly will be.

I hurt. Everywhere. In every way.
Physically, mentally, heart and soul.
(I have killed brothers, and betrayed blood, and there will be a price to be paid for that)

I’m damaged, and while running water makes me clean it doesn’t take away the memories that are gnawing inside me. 
I mustn’t get angry, when I get angry my grasp on the good gets weak.
(He did say he likes it rough)

I want to be better for you, Leo, because you deserve better.  
Now look at you...hunted, marked, your life forever changed.
(Why is he still smiling?)  

Through it all you keep trying to fix me.
With your cool blue intellect, and your psychologist’s strategies, and your warm body wrapped around me.
(And yet he still doesn’t believe in me)

I can’t be fixed, beloved, not on the evidence so far presented, and I can’t just sit here and wait for my father to find us, because I know exactly what his revenge looks like. I’m not having you face that.
(Shh, baby, sleep now, stay here, be safe, warded by the Aspen trees, I’ll find a way, I have some contacts still, I swear I’ll find a way)

What Revenge Looks Like is the second book in Romilly King’s dark gay thriller trilogy. It features damaged characters, unreliable narrators, and psychological ambiguity. 

Gil and Leo’s story concludes in book three, Where Revenge Takes You.

Trigger warning - this is a dark gay romance book and includes graphic violence, sexual scenes, and psychological manipulation between lovers.  Please read the additional trigger warnings inside.
Preorder now for delivery on 23rd April
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Can you stop me?  Book three in The Outreach Series is released today.  It features a very possessive, old school dominant who loves to lay down the rules, and a needy submissive trying to drown his desires in cheap liquor.

Expect high protocol BDSM, boys in corsets, erotic photography and unusual punishments, all against the background of the trial of Christian Bond for a killing he did commit, but because he had no choice.  

Buy on Amazon now
<![CDATA[Out now on Audiobook - Paid to take control]]>Thu, 25 Mar 2021 18:47:20 GMThttp://romillyking.com/blog/out-now-on-audiobook-paid-to-take-control
Hurray!  We finally have the audiobook for Paid to Take Control, Book 2 of the Delphic Agency.

Gavin McAllister is back to narrate Brio and Painter's story and he is in blistering form.  Just as well because there are some heavy scenes in this book - you have been warned.

Painter has never been in control of anything, now he is in a contract where he is being paid to control the man on his knees in front of him
Go with the flow, take the line of least resistance, those were Painter’s go to strategies until his career depends on him dominating an unruly submissive who is richer than him, more experienced than him and definitely cleverer than him.
How can Painter unleash his inner dom? His psych tests insist he has one. His boss gave him a crash course in kink and basically ordered him to take this contract. And now the dark eyed submissive with a smart mouth and a brain the size of a planet is provoking him.
Turns out Painter’s inner dom is closer to the surface than he thought. But that doesn’t make him feel better about himself and what happens when he finds himself falling in love with the brat that goes sloe eyed with desire when Painter takes charge?
Paid to Take Control is the second book in the Delphic Agency Series and contains Dom/Sub elements, plenty of steamy kink exploration and a happy ever after in the end.

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